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I give you permission: forward to your boss.

I don’t like to be uncomfortable – I’m just going to say it – BUT I think it is an important part of life. Amazing things happen outside of our comfort zone. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. In fact, I believe we need discomfort in order to grow.

It’s okay to be uncomfortable.

One of the things that makes me uncomfortable is something that is a big part of being in business: selling. Kind of funny, right? I admit it, I get scared. It’s definitely outside of my comfort zone. If my comfort zone is a warm sandy beach, selling is a cold wet cave, far, far away. However as any good businessperson knows, you have to get your product/service out there in order to service your clients. In other words, you can’t help them if you don’t allow them the opportunity to buy your service. I know that, but it doesn’t make it any less challenging.

Looking at my calendar last month I noticed that I had a few spots opening up for some new one-to-one coaching clients. My business coach (yes I practice what I preach and have my own coach) and I have been discussing some new offerings. She challenged me to reach out and book in some free Clarity Sessions. And, man, it felt sooooo uncomfortable. In fact, it was so uncomfortable I didn’t do it! I ran and hid, fleeing the country. Okay, maybe that’s an over statement, but I did leave the country and go to Costa Rica… on vacation.

I love travel, but it had been a few years since I had been able to go an adventure like this. As I prepared for my trip I noticed that my tolerance for discomfort had lessened in the past couple years. I felt some anxiety, as I got ready to leave. I’ve never liked packing, but I kept thinking I was going to forget something really important. I felt scared to leave my normal routine that I knew so well.

Once I had left, it took me a little while to adjust to travelling and get in the groove. I realized that I was out of practice of not only traveling but of being outside my comfort zone. The less we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable the less adaptable we become. Just like the muscles and tissues in our bodies loose their flexibility if we don’t use them, if we don’t move, change, and get outside of our comfort zone – rigidity starts to set in and we loose that flexibility.

The less we allow ourselves to be uncomfortable the less adaptable we become.

Once I got back from vacation I felt so refreshed; I felt like I could conquer the world. I had just had a week outside of my comfortable routine, increasing my personal flexibility and adaptability. It was a chance to shake things up. I had gone somewhere; I had seen a new perspective; I had stretched my being. As I eased back into my daily life, and revisited my coach’s challenge I saw it in a different light. I wasn’t so afraid – here I was with this great opportunity ahead of me. I got to reach out and let clients know I have something special to offer. I took to that task with a different outlook. My vacation had helped me to achieve what I was previously struggling to get done.

So, forward this to your boss. Take yourself on vacation. Go out and try something a little uncomfortable. Take a stretch class for your soul. It’s good for business.

What’s your favorite way to get out of your daily routine? How do you experience being uncomfortable? Share in the comments below!

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