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What I am reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I discovered Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing before she was the famous author of Eat Pray Love. The first book of hers that I picked up was The Last American Man. I fell in love with her writing and when Eat Pay Love first came out I devoured it. I remember thinking it was such a different book (the obvious being that it was a personal memoir not a biography) but it still retained the magic of her writing style. Then she blew up. Her name was everywhere, they made a movie, she is now running writing workshops, and speaking at TED conferences and Emerging Women. Way to go Liz!

Once again she has written a book in a new style. Big Magic reads like a non-fiction-fairytale-text-book for creativity. I don’t agree with everything she shares, but I fount it to be a wonderful exploration of what creativity is.

My favorite part was a quirky idea about creativity as a living being. I imagined creativity showing up as invisible little gnomes. These gnomes would pop their heads up out of the group, or perhaps thin air, begging to be uncovered and if we ignored them they would simply tunnel away underground (or through time and space) to another place altogether until they could find some one to pay attention. The creative ideas just wanted to be truly seen. (As I said a “fairytale text book”…)

Overall I think it is worth a read (or a listen, I am obsessed with audio books, especially when the author narrates – and yes, Liz narrates this book.) See what you think. What are your ideas about creativity? How ideas are born? The Big Magic?

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