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The Creative Imperfectionista
Eight Week Experiential Group Coaching Workshop


The Creative Imperfectionista © is an 8-week experiential group coaching workshop for individuals who want to practice living a wholehearted life.

This group is for you if :

    • you are tired of living in comparison and ready to love yourself for who you are
    • you are ready to stretch out of your comfort zone, move, and play!
    • you want to learn how to live wholeheartedly in daily practices
    • you are willing to explore your creativity
    • you are looking for connection with an intimate group of amazing folks who value authentic and honest relationships

In this workshop you will : Journal, Connect, Paint, Discuss topics of Vulnerability/Authenticity/Creativity, Move, Stretch, Collaborate, Grow, Learn how to practice empathy with others, Play, Reflect, & Inspire each other

Fees :
$450, Imperfectionista Watercolor Journal, creative supplies and light snacks included

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8-week coaching workshop
6:30 – 8:00PM, Thursday Evenings
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Start by talking to yourself with kindness!

EMBRACE YOUR AUTHENTIC IMPERFECT LIFE!<br>Start by talking to yourself with kindness!

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