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Each time I sat down to write this past week, something would come up and I’d get swept away from my desk. The distractions were anything from an important call to a very non-important impulse to Google romanesco, which by-the-way is an edible flower bud of a broccoli species. Somehow I found time for all these little distractions, but no time to churn out a blog post. My inner-perfectionist kept telling me I had NO TIME. If I couldn’t sit down and complete it all in one sitting, then why even start. (Hmm, nothing perfectionistic in that is there?) If I’m going to write my blog, well it has to be done in the perfect way, right? Oh. So. Wrong.

My brain had tricked me into believing that writing my blog was a monumentous task that would take at least an hour, no – half a day, no – a whole weekend! I would never have time for that. That’s when I realized: there is never enough time to be perfect.

 There is never enough time to be perfect.

If we imagine perfection on a time scale, the amount of time it takes to achieve perfection is infinite, it’s never going to happen. Instead, if I let go of the unrealistic goal of perfection and keep it to something more reasonable, say writing a blog post, I can assign that a real quantity of time, and violá I do indeed have time for that. When I started to look at things that way I realized I had a lot more time.

How are you able to save time by letting go of perfectionist thinking?

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