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Brittany Wilkisen

Before signing up for The Creative Imperfectionista the perfectionist in me was worried that I would make a fool of myself. Now, I am able to let go of the outcomes and just enjoy the moment. I am learning to be easier on myself and practice more self-compassion. I would definitely recommend working with Katie! I learned a lot and really valued the discussions with like-minded women.

Amirra Mazza

I found the six-week creative workshop with Katie to be a wonderful growth experience and very informative! I am more aware of my self-talk and my ability to be vulnerable with other people in the group has improved. I like that everyone here is interested in being real – very refreshing. This has been fantastic, and I look forward to more in the future.

A. B.

Do it! Working with Katie is a commitment in re-defining yourself. For me, it was a way to let my authentic creativity shine. I have been able to let go of some of my fears around not doing things 100% perfect. The workshop was like a mini re-boot to who you want to show up as.
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