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My blog turned one (last month) – Happy Belated Birthday!

I’m not always timely in celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and special dates…which is odd if you’ve ever met my mother. My mother is impeccable with holidays and important dates and always seems to remember and have a card for whatever the occasion. That is one trait I did not inherit. In my mind I like to think that I was once better at remembering special dates and sending cards on time. However, I may just be remembering the youthful years living at home, with Mom’s regular reminders.

In any case, today I am celebrating (better late than never) the ONE year anniversary of my blog. My previous website didn’t have a blog, and I knew it was something that I wanted to include when I redesigned my site. In August of last year, the Imperfectionista blog was born.

I wasn’t quite sure how it was all going to turn out. At times this blog has served as a way for me to teach and inform, other times my writing has served as an outlet for me to unwind my own thoughts about something I’m going through. At times I have struggled with my own perfectionist behaviors around my blog, waiting to post until I had something “significant” to say or feeling like I have to do it perfectly. Other times I have skipped weeks, back-dated posts, or simply shared a song that I love with no real words from me at all.

Overall it’s been an enjoyable experience, a good practice for the year, and one I fully intend to continue. As they say, “Practice is Everything.”

A few of my favorite posts from the first blog year are:

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