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3 Quick Tips to Banish Doubt

Some of the best decisions I have made took the shortest amount of time to make. Why? I was listening to my intuition and once made I aligned myself to that decision. I was confident in my choice and trusted my gut. In these instances there was little to no doubt, simply clarity of mind.

Some of the best decisions I have made took the shortest amount of time to make.

However I know from experience that these fast and clear decisions aren’t always easy to come by. When was the last time you labored over a decision? Perhaps it was whether to stay in your current job or relationship? Perhaps it was over what to wear on a night out? Or a big purchase?

When I decided to re-brand my coaching business in 2013 I wanted to mull over every last detail. It was a process that I really wanted to “get right.” I spent weeks going back and forth on what my practice would look like, what I would name it, and what to do with my new website. I spent a lot of time doubting myself and going back and forth between options. While I did have a couple moments of clarity in the process, a great deal of time was spent doubting not doing.

During my re-brand I was meeting with my business coach three times a month. In-between sessions I had a moment of inspired clarity. I decided I wanted to expand to group work. At the time I had not worked with my coaching clients in groups. I had previous experience in working with teams through corporate management in my first career, but I had never led a personal-development style group coaching workshop. Yet it was so clear to me that this was what I was going to do.

I was filled with energy and confidence, there was no room left for doubt. I set a date, secured a venue, and started advertising the first ever session of The Creative Imperfectionista. I knew that this workshop was going to happen with every fiber of my being. I had five brave individuals sign up to meet every Thursday for 6 weeks. It was a beautiful and transformative experience. I am so grateful for that first workshop.

Clarity that deep and knowing is special. Most recently I had that clarity around a guest post I had the opportunity to write. However, there are times when I just can’t seem to make a decision. I don’t know what I want and I feel doubt around every corner. We all have things that get in our way and can trigger doubt, but how do we deal with it when it shows up?

Here are a few things that help me:

  1. Slow Down. Take time to pause and sense my intuition. My intuitive voice is always available; I just don’t always choose to hear it.
  1. Practice Making Decisions. We have so many decisions to make during the day, try making decisions quickly and sticking to them. If this seems scary, start with the small things (what to order for lunch, what color underwear to put on). No life and death decisions – just simple quick decisions.
  1. Trust Yourself. You know how they say on tests to go with your first instinct. The same applies here. That first instinct is generally the best one. Once you’ve made a decision, align yourself with that. Focus your energy in that direction rather than looking back at what other options you could have taken.

If you are ready to look a little deeper and uncover what gets in your way join me for The Creative Series. You will learn why you struggle with doubt and indecision and how you can shift into a place of intuitive confidence. This series of three mini-workshops can be taken individually or all together. We use creative exercises to help you live a wholehearted, authentic life.

To learn more about The Creative Series — CLICK HERE.

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    Katie, a wonderful blog. So proud of you . Amazing. Xoxo

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