10 Quick Ways to Practice Being Creative

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10 Quick Ways to Practice Being Creative

When was the last time you picked up crayons? The smell of crayons immediately takes me back to my childhood. When I art journal or draw these days, I typically reach for the watercolors, sharpies, and colored pencils first. The crayons often get neglected. Their waxy color, uneven distribution, and propensity for breakage send them to the bottom of my list. They are often the last to be chosen, if at all.

Creativity comes out of imperfect situations.

Recently I was preparing an exercise for a workshop, and had all my supplies packed away…except for a basic box of 8 crayons. Making do with what was around, I opened up the box and started drawing. Before I knew it I was lost in the creative moment. You see, I have a go-to pattern with my typical supplies. Using the crayons I was forced to do something new. Creativity comes out of imperfect situations. The constraints I faced were a limited amount of time and (what I perceived) a less than idea set of coloring tools. The results were liberating. I’m not going to go so far as to say that I now only draw with crayons, but I will continue to challenge myself and practice doing things differently.

How do you practice your creativity?

10 (quick) ways to add some creativity into your day

  1. Journal – Writing is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.
  2. Move – Throw a dance party in your living room, just for fun.
  3. Elevate your Plate – Give yourself permission to play with your food and make some food art!
  4. Draw, paint, doodle – 🙂
  5. Brainstorm – Ideas like to be recognized. Saying or Writing out ideas will bring new ideas to the surface.
  6. Try something new – Learn a new skill. Take a class.
  7. Step out of your routine – Take a new route to work, or try writing with crayons.
  8. Daydream – Let your thoughts wander.
  9. Make something – Use your hands and put something together.
  10. Play – Game night, with the kids, or outside, play is a surefire way to engage in some creativity.

Leave a message in the comments to share how you practice your creativity!

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